2 /2 Way Pneumatic Single & Double Acting Angle Type On/Off Control Valve

Pneumatic Single & Double Acting Diaphragm Valve

Product Details

Actuator Details :


Body - Aluminium / S.S.304


Actuator Type - Double Acting / Single Acting


Air Connection - 1/4″ BSP (NPT On Request)


Operating Pressure - 4.5 to 7 BAR (1/2″ to 2″), 5 to 7 Bar (2.1/2″ to 4″)


Operating Cycles -350 to 650 Cycles / Hr.


Valve Details :


Model - SRT / ASV / SRK / TOF


Size Range - 1/2″ to 4″


Body - CF8 / CF8M / CF3M


Bonnet - CF8 / CF8M / CF3M


Pressure - up to 10 Bar


Temperature - up to 220°C


Leakage - As per ANSI B 16, 16.104 Leakage Class VI Shut off tight / Bubble tight


End Connection - Screwed End / Flanged End

2/2 way pneumatic single double acting angle type on/off control valve in qatar and doha

We, QSB International Trading W.L.L., are a leading dealer of Pneumatic Single and Double Acting Actuator operated angle type, On/Off Control Valves (N/O & N/C) in India. Having a wide range of pneumatically operated industrial valves, we also export our products to over more than 20 countries.

Our Y Angle type Control Valves are used in Oxygen Applications. If are you going to establish an Oxygen Plant so you required Y type Control Valve for your plant.

This valve is also called the Y type Control Valve or the Y type Pneumatic Control Valve because of its body shape. It is shaped like a Y angled and hence it is also known as an Angle Type Control Valve.

We boast of having 100% in house production from manufacturing to testing as SRT / ASV / SRK / TOF models are available. We use CF8 / CF8M / CF3M casting materials to make the body and the bonnet. The valve can sustain a pressure up to 10 Bar, temperature up to 220°C, and its size availability ranges from ½” to 4”. It has ANSI B 16, 16.104 Leakage Class VI Shutoff tight / Bubble tight Leakage. It comes with Screwed End / Flanged End connections.