3 Piece High Pressure Ball Valve

3 Piece High Pressure Ball Valve

Product Details

Model -HBA


Body - CF8M


Size - 1/2" & 1"


Ball -CF8M


Seals - CFT


Leakage - Class VI


Temprature - Upto 180°C


Pressure - Upto 150 Kg/Cm²


Media - Air, Water, Oil & Gas


Ends - Screwed

3 piece high pressure ball valve in qatar & doha

We has expertise in dealer Ball Valve. We are well known as a Pneumatic High Pressure Ball Valve dealer in qatar. Our high pressure ball valve woking up to 200 Kg/Cm², which is enough for high pressure line.

Our valve is 3 piece design & CE Approved also available in Screwed end connection. We used CF8M material for the valve body and ball which is sustaining Upto 180°C temperature and Up to 200 Kg/Cm² pressure.

Available Accessories with this Ball Valve:

  • On/Off Indicator
  • Namur standard solenoid valve in all standard coil voltage
  • Pneumatic & Electro-pneumatic positioner
  • Limit Switch for On/off indication at the panel board
  • Filter + Regulator Combination with Pressure Guage
  • Air Lock Valve